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Handcrafted soaps

Crow & Nettle Apothecary is a small business specializing in artistic creations through hand-poured, cold-process soapmaking in Bonney Lake, WA.

Created in small batches and featuring organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, Crow & Nettle strives to live simply, buy locally and tread lightly on our Earth.

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Crow & Nettle soap is incredible on so many levels. Each of the natural scents and blends make for an aromatherapeutic experience in the shower. The lather is very silky and sudsy. The bars themselves are robust with lasting power. They are also very visually appealing in the varieties of textures, colors and swirls. Last but not least is the conscientious choice of using organic ingredients and packaging that is environmentally as safe as possible.

Shaun L.

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING I have received from Crow & Nettle has been amazing! I have very sensitive skin and the bars of soap have helped immensely. When I switched from expensive department store brands to Crow & Nettle my face became less red, blotchy and dry. The bars of soap last forever as they are very generous in size. The service I receive from Roseann is excellent. Do yourself a favor and stock up. Not only are the bars of soap wonderful for daily use, but they make awesome gifts!

Vonnie M.

Absolutely love these products! Last few years we order 20 plus bars for our office staff at work for Christmas gifts. Every bathroom in our house and kitchen sink has a different bar of soap for us to enjoy. The Juniper Frost is my favorite and know you will enjoy it too.

Christopher G.