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Salutations and crushing technology!

This picture of me drinking morning coffee while backpacking the WA coast is my happy place...  I think of it time and again when I am sitting here tinkering around .... After months of pulling my hair out and cursing and cursing and cursing (gah, why won't this work!),  I welcome you to Crow & Nettle's new web platform!  I switched from Weebly to Shopify in the hopes that having everything under one umbrella will be easier.  Please let me know what you think as you browse around and if you find anything weird that doesn't do what it should.  I now realize that after nearly 18 years of working in the 911 dungeon using a specialized computer program, technology grew tremendously and left me in its dust.  Here I am catching up! 

I had no idea how challenging owning my own business would be, especially when I am the owner/worker bee/web designer/shipper/do it all person in charge!  Like I need more hats to wear!  :)  I appreciate you swinging by!  Thanks to my loyal customers who have supported me from the beginning.  This has been such a fun journey for me (the soap/bath creations part, not the technological aspect); I hope there is a balance with using technology that makes life easier, yet still offers the personal note of buying local and supporting small businesses.  Currently, I'm offering free pickup/delivery to your front porch within 40 miles of my home in Bonney Lake.  50 mpg in my Prius vs 10 mpg in a shipping truck.  The backbone of my business is to tread lightly on our Earth, so I hope that this option helps.  I'm also using recycled shipping supplies!  I value your patience as I begin offering shipping services.  Ok, let's call this blob of a blog good and again, I welcome you!  






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