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How to care for your soap:  To extend the life of your handmade bar of soap, allow it to dry between uses.  A soap saver or draining soap dish will allow for airflow around your soap bar. Also, alternating between two bars of soap will allow one to dry.  Our family uses two soap dishes holding four bars of soap at our kitchen sink!

Ingredients:  Every ingredient used in each batch of soap is listed on every bar.  Nothing is hidden!  Crow & Nettle holds itself to good manufacturing practices and quality control.  Organic is purchased when available and the use of botanicals, natural colorants and essential oils highlights our quest for high quality ingredients.  Ingredients/supplies are purchased from local small businesses and I mainly use a WA state soap supply company so items aren't being transported over great distances.  Crow & Nettle takes into consideration sustainable and ethical business practices when choosing ingredients; to combat deforestation and habitat loss, every bar is palm oil-free.

Packaging:  We are committed to keeping waste out of landfills, so our labels are recyclable.  Shipping materials are recyclable and/or can be reused.

Refunds/Exchanges:  Due to the nature of soap, all sales are final; however, if you are unhappy about any part of your order, please contact me so we can make it right.  :) 

Shipping:  Orders ship within 1-3 business days.  I offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more.  If you are local to Bonney Lake, feel free to swing by and pick up your order!  

How many employees does Crow & Nettle have?  ONE.  ME.  I DO EVERYTHING!  These bars of soap are truly handcrafted and unique works of art, created in my workshop (aka the garage!)  Please contact me with any suggestions or comments you have.  I appreciate you.  ~Rose