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Sh*tfaced Sasquatch

Sh*tfaced Sasquatch

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When you ask your hubby to name the beer soap, this happens.  Local stout beer gives this bar lots of bubbles, pine tar makes it a beautiful fudge color and Sandalwood scent tops it off.  Imagine wandering in the woods, drinking a beverage, smelling the pine trees and then seeing a flash of something moving in the shadows - did you just question your belief in Sasquatch?

Handcrafted with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide (lye), pine tar, sweet almond oil, castor oil. 

With notes of sandalwood and creamy vanilla.

Please allow for minor variations in size/weight/design as each bar is unique and hand-cut.  Help your handmade bar of soap last by using a soap dish that allows it to dry between uses.